Hi! I'm Mai-kee

Launch Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

for Purpose Driven Online Businesses 


So since nearly everyone is doing the same thing right now, it leaves your prospects more confused than ever about who to buy from. 

But hey, you've started your business for a reason, right? Much like our DNA, there's no one out there who's the same as you. 

So let your heart and willingness to create that human connection be your biggest competitive advantage.

Because when you hone in on the internal journey of both your prospects minds and your own business? The external cha-ching! in your bank account becomes the norm.

Interested in learning more?


You're in the right place if you have a purpose driven business, and you're scaling your offers from 1-1 client work, to intimate group programs or an online course.

We'd start by following my signature framework of The Black Belt Ethos™ - which uses the power of empathy, strategy, and coaching to map out your launch and to shift your most qualified prospects towards the conversion.

Why? Well, with my background in psychology and coaching, I've experienced first hand the power of using empathy to better understand the true needs of others. It creates that much needed human connection. 

But the thing is? The majority of marketers out there default to using the "pain & pleasure" principles, cookie-cutter email templates, and making a 2D avatar whenever they launch a new product. And to be honest? I don't blame them. 

Unless you've had a coach yourself or studied the methods before - there's no wonder why it's not common practice (yet). 

Ooo, so you're planning a new launch ey? 

This is a really exciting time to scale your business, and to impact the people you started this business for. 

But with all of the moving pieces from your sales page to your email sequences (whilst trying to maintain your sanity, being a good leader to your team, and resisting the urge to chug yet another cup of coffee to keep you focused), it can get overwhelming to stay on point at every stage of your launch.

That's where I come in.

By having an experts eye on each element of your launch - you'll finally be able to focus on what you're best at in your zone of genius. I'll take care of the rest ;)

I'll take you through my signature process called The Black Belt Ethos™ where we'll implement the 5 core phases of a successful launch which are based on: empathy, resonance (between your business and your customers), and creating a customised strategy towards the conversion. 

Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect when we work together:


The Black Belt Launch

The White Belt Launch

The 360° All-Hands-On-Deck Approach

The Guide-on-the-Side Approach


  > Deep Dive Launch Strategy Session
  > Customised Launch Map
  > Brand DNA Kit
  > Data Mining (Customer Surveys & Interviews)
  > Product Offer Validation


  > Long Form Sales Page
  > Webinar Landing Page 
  > Webinar Slides Audit
  > Webinar Promo, Reminder & Replay Emails
  > Cart Open & Close Emails


  > Deep Dive Launch Strategy Session
  > Customised Launch Map
  > Brand DNA Kit
  > Data Mining (Customer Surveys & Interviews)
  > Product Offer Validation


  > Audit of Your Long Form Sales Page
  > Audit of Your Cart Open & Close Emails

* All copy elements include 2 revisions

* All audits include 1 revision only

Please note that while some things on here may not seem like things you need - especially when it comes to the strategy section - these are the elements which help to take out the guesswork for your messaging, and who you're launching to.

In other words:
Assumptions should never be at any stage of your launch. Period.

But on a happier note - yes, you can customise your launch package with additional deliverables if you want. These outlines are just the baseline options, and your package will be 100% customised to your needs. No cookie-cutter solutions. *Pinky swears* :)

To discuss this further and to see which option is best for your launch:

Also, and I can do other things too by the way. Things like: Website Copy, LIVE Copy Hours, Copy Critiques, and Email Nurture Sequences - just to name a few.

To learn more about my Secret Services, scroll down to the bottom of this page to pop your details in the contact form  - and we'll take it from there.


(Oh, and just incase you were wondering where the "Black Belt" and "White Belt" names came from? I do Martial Arts ;) Japanese Jujitsu to be exact.)

You know who says it best? 

Success Stories, Client Love, Reviews, whatever you want to call 'em – here are a couple of awesome people I've had the pleasure of working with:


Founder of the Warrior Academy & Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

I have 8 years experience in writing copy for our target market and Mai-kee’s FIRST attempt gained 20% more conversions.

I’ve been working with Mai-kee for 3 months on our landing pages, ad copy, and email campaigns, and she’s been brilliant to work with.

She has a very clear understanding of how to make an impact with powerful copy that aligns that language and values of your business. Really blown away by Mai-kee’s work, thank you for all your help!


Founder of Success Insider & Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

Without Mai-kee, we would struggle with the launches we do where we earn multiple 5 figures in just one hour from a webinar.

She’s worked on persuasive copy for our sales pages, email campaigns, landing pages and more. Without that, we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do.

I’m ever so grateful for her work. So if you ever have the chance to work with her, I highly suggest giving her a shot and you’ll be amazed at her wizard-like skills!


Brand Strategist and Web Designer for One6Creative

We managed to get my website running in just 1 month and I got 7 new enquiries within the first 2 weeks of launching.

Before working together, the thought of writing copy for my website was SO overwhelming. When I tried to DIY it, I spent over 9 months procrastinating to get it up and running.

Mai-kee came in and sprinkled her magic word-potion all over my copy. Not only did she transform it into a cohesive message, she also made it sound like ME and no one else. 

Of course, these are their success stories. And as I said before, your business's DNA is unique.

So, let's find out what yours is going to be:



CEO of The Sales Pro Academy
 Elite Sales Trainer & Consultant
for Pete Scott Ltd

If you’re in the growth stage of your business and you’re looking to launch - I can’t recommend working with Mai-kee strongly enough. 

Before hiring Mai-kee, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of copy and planning for our future launches in the business.

From the start, she dug deep into the root of the challenges in my business - and bearing in mind we always do this for our own customers - it was nice to finally have someone to challenge me to do the same. 

She did it with such care, empathy, and really listened to what’s really going on in my brand. Now we’re crystal clear on our client base and how we’ll be running our launches. 

Mai-kee brings so much impact and value for the entire process. She’s so easy to work with, rolls with the punches, and makes my life easier as I can trust her to get the work done. 

Heather Juergensen

CEO of The Strong Mind & Producer
of The Depression Dialogues 

Mai-kee was recommended to me by her mentor Ry Schwartz, and without question, I am planning to work with her again on my next launch!

Ry is world renown for his approach of not only understanding consumer psychology, but also about the importance of developing genuine empathy for your customer – which is how I run my business about holistic mental health. Mai-kee’s deep understanding of these ideas was evident in our first phone call together.

I knew I needed a great sales page to sell my course - enter Mai-kee, copywriter extraordinaire and launch whisperer! With literally less than one week to go before my launch, Mai-kee gamely stepped in and agreed to write my sales page for me – under comically less-than-perfect conditions. 

Within 48 hours, Mai-kee had created a killer first draft of a sales page for me and together we polished and perfected it so it was ready for my launch. The fact that she was able to achieve great things within these very tight parameters shows the depth and breadth of her talents! 

Tim ramos

Conversion Marketing Specialist at The Conversion Guy

Gracious, generous with her knowledge, and gifted in the art of communication, Mai-kee is an expert in helping your organise your launch, prioritise your goals and, whilst she's at it, will reassure you that it's all gonna work out just fine.

Sometimes as a business owner things can get a little crazy. You have too many plans, too big of an ambition, too much stuff going on, and it clouds your progress on whatever it is that you're trying to launch. 

Now, imagine you can go to a place where it's quiet and calm, and there's someone there to listen to you -- and I mean REALLY listen -- to help you straighten things out. 

That's what you'll find when you end up on a call with Mai-kee. She has an extraordinary ability to connect deeply with you right away and cut straight to the heart of your problem.

In just 60 minutes, Mai-kee helped me identify and break through everything that was holding me back from launching - and by the end of the call, I had all the clarity I needed to finally sell my offer with confidence.

I'd been working on my offer for MONTHS trying to figure it out all on my own, going in circles between all my ideas, how they all fit together, and I didn't know how to whittle it down to what was most important.

In the session, she combined her incredible capacity to listen with her sharp intuition to guide me in the exact right direction to clarify and refine my offer. Not only that, she laid out a clear and strategic plan of action, so that I knew exactly what needed to be done to get launch-ready.

So if you have any sort of doubt, confusion, or even the slightest lack of confidence in your offer, strategy, or capacity to launch… do yourself a favour.

No matter how well thought out (or not) you think your launch is already, get Mai-kee's expert eyes on it to help you cut through the BS, and make sure you're really ready to launch and serve your market in the best possible way.

Natalie Smithson

Digital Innovation Copywriter

Amos mok

Leadership Coach & Trainer

If you’re thinking of working with Mai-kee to gain more clarity for your vision, just do it and you won’t regret it. 

I’ve been working with Mai-kee over the course of 3 months, and she really took the time to connect and help me reaffirm the real reason why I do what I do.

The feedback I’ve gotten from my own clients as a result, is that they truly feel that I’m there to help them - not just selling for the sake of selling. That’s the true power of connecting with people on a heart to heart level. 

Wanna know more details?

Well hey there! My name is Mai-kee Tsang (I'll explain how to pronounce my name when we talk, so don't worry for now) ;)

I may be Chinese, but I am British born so English is my first language. I grew up in the wonderful smelling countryside of Devon - so I'm no stranger to scones smothered in clotted cream 'n' jam, and washing it down with a gooood ol' cuppa.

In another life, I would've become a pastry chef and open my own cafe. (For reals, I got so. many. requests. to open one).

But, since I chose the path of copywriting and digital marketing which led you to this website in the first place, my baking skills are now exclusively reserved for family and friends IRL ;)

So, if you wanna get some home-baked goodies? You know what to do~

Okay, back to the profesh stuff...

As you may know already, I loveee working with innovative, and purpose driven businesses with an eye for the future.

To date, I've worked on 17 successful launches ranging from LIVE coaching programs, membership sites, and online courses--  all with the common denominator of working with innovative and change-making business owners.  

For the first 13 of those launches, I was literally thrown into the deep end - learning everything by doing. 

And that alone gave me priceless experience.

But of course, like any pro, I invested in some formal training to finally have a place to apply my first-hand launch experiences to a proven framework.

Hence my shiny badge below:

I do all of this because in a nutshell...

Copy is Humanized Communication in a Way that Technology Can't Capture. 

With our world diving head first into a digitally driven era, human connection is something we need more than ever before. 

That's why I'm here.

Copy has the ability to stir emotions, connect to hearts, and inspire people to make a better change for themselves. 

And guess what? Your business is that change for someone. So if you’re in this for the long haul to impact your corner of the world, let me help you get there with your next launch: 


Your wish is my command:

Oh! And I'm Also a Podcast Host

It brings me great honour to bring you The Quiet Rebels Podcast!

A dedicated space to help you create the courage to own your voice, message, and worth in both business AND life.

There's NO time for you to continue playing small anymore - because the world needs you as you are to impact the people you serve.

So if you're in this with me, let me welcome you to the Quiet Rebellion.

Wanna get in touch?

If you're reading this-- you've obviously seen something you liked to get this far :)

As I mentioned above, while my Black & White Belt Launch packages are my primary offers, I do have a range of Secret Services which aren't listed here including: Website Copy, LIVE Copy Sessions, Copy Critiques, Email Nurture Sequences, etc.  

So, if you’d like to hear about what else I can do for you, pop your details in the form below, and I'll be in touch as soon as humanly possible (during working hours of course) ;) 

And yes, you can talk to me about other things too. Even if it's just to say hey!