Mai-kee Tsang | Podcast Guesting Expert for Coaches & Copywriters

Hi, I’m Mai-kee! (She/Her)

the sustainable visibility® mentor, certified trauma-sensitive leadership coach & Podcast guesting STRATEGy trainer for underestimated & underrepresented humans in business on a mission to change the world - one human at a time. 


(Yep, even if you tend to be the quiet type and/or an introvert. In fact *this* one has been featured on 60+ podcasts and lived!)

So if you want to amplify your voice — finding your Sustainable Visibility® style (hint: my undeniable speciality is guesting on podcasts) is the one of the most powerful ways to help you build a safer, sustainable and successful foundation for your business.

My approach is intentional: I work with humans who want to play the long game — building authentic relationships with their audience over time, so they can create a lasting impact in this world.

Let your audience fall in love with the real YOU.

Visibility is not about how many people see you, it's about being seen by the right people who are ready to hear what you have to say. This means your strategy should be anything *but* cookie-cutter (even though I’m a baking pro IRL).

But to step into true brand alignment with your opportunities — you need an intentional, self-sufficient and personalised approach to visibility.


…And besides, showing up as the Real You is the only futureproofing strategy you *should* use!


When we work together, you’ll receive personalised strategy and support with intentional messaging to position you as the expert I can see reflected in you.

If you’re still with me…

Know that honouring your visibility style is the ultimate gateway to creating connections that *really* amplify your impact.

And I believe that the world is ready to believe in your vision, if you’re willing to *finally* step into the spotlight in a way that feels safe for you to be in.

Are you ready to take the mic?


Pick Your Path To Purposeful Visibility:


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Join my 6 month mentorship program for introverted, empathic, yet underestimated humans in business where you’ll become sustainably visible in order to expand your reach, grow your business, and make a deeper impact on your terms:

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You know who says it best? 

Success Stories, Client Love, Reviews, whatever you want to call ’em – here are a couple of amazing humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

"If I had another chance to work with Mai-kee, I would jump on it."

My team and I learned SOOOOO much in the process of working with her for Podcast Guesting. We're refining our in-house processes dramatically after everything we learned from her. 

I believe in what Mai-kee does, and she has so much integrity as a service provider. 

Email Copy Queen & Creator of Email Stars

"Mai-kee truly holds space for you in a thoughtful, unrushed way and delivers authentic messaging magic within minutes."

As someone whose job is typically to listen to the stories of others, it was such a pleasure to be on the other side and receive. Before I worked with Mai-kee, my only visibility opportunities have been invitation-only and my cold pitches heard crickets.

For a long time, sitting down to figure out what I consider myself to be an "expert" in or how to own my story — and pitch both — have left me feeling stumped (And I'm a copywriter). After our VIP Day, I now have clear and compelling topic suites that I can confidently pitch, personalised templates I'll keep returning to and she even whipped up a custom pitch for a podcast I have my eye on.

So I know that my business and future podcast pitches will be eternally grateful for Mai-kee's expertise!

zafira rajan
Launch Copywriter & Soulful Strategist

"I unlocked my biz goal of being featured in Forbes this year - and the foundational story and ideas for my piece were uncovered during my VIP Spotlight Day thanks to Mai-kee!"

Before working with Mai-kee I used to actively avoid visibility opportunities. My introverted brain was stuck on a rolling loop of “What if’s” clouded in doubt and fear, “What if I froze when they asked me a question, What could I pitch that was actually interesting…”

Our VIP Spotlight Day was a turning point for me. Mai-kee listened with empathy as we wove through stories that I sobbed through, ones that made me laugh, and others I was proud to tell. She helped me identify key moments that highlighted my business goals so I know have a solid suite of ideas to pitch and a few stories to rely on.

Plus, she helped me practice telling an emotional story that was a turning point in my business and hit the subtle line between bursting into tears or shutting off my emotions.

Mai-kee’s made the podcast guesting process something I actually look forward to now! I can relax into the 1-on-1 conversations I have with podcast hosts knowing I have stories to draw on.

Launch Strategist & Copywriter

"If you want to have a winning pitch drafted ready to hit send, communicate your story in an impactful and meaningful way sans 'waffle', and get an in-depth look at how you can create a podcast guesting strategy, Mai-kee is the person you need to work with!"

Before working with Mai-kee, I was about to give up on pitching podcasts because I didn't think my pitches worked. I felt like I rambled a lot and I felt like I didn't have a good enough story worthy to be on podcasts.

Throughout our VIP Spotlight Day, I learned to tell my story in a succinct way and in a way that sat well with me. I also felt like I had a story worth telling and that might help others.

Mai-kee is a delight! She's such a great listener and she really lifted the curtain the whole podcast guesting strategy for me. 

Carina lawson
Award Winning Business Efficiency Expert, Personal Productivity Strategist & Founder of Ponderlily Paper & Planners

“When it comes to pitching and landing on podcasts, Mai-kee is THE expert.”

She has created and refined more pitch ideas, and booked more podcasts than anyone I know. She knows what works and delivers the goods.

If you need good PR and opportunities to talk about your ideas or services, book her now!

Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

"Thanks to Mai-kee, I managed to be featured on one of my all-time favourite podcasts which I’ve been listening to for YEARS"

Honestly, I always thought that you had to be super big or famous to be a guest on podcasts. But Mai-kee helped me realise that all you need is the desire to share your valuable expertise with the listeners. And after working with her, all the insecurities I had in my head were gone!

Yevgeniya Davarashvili
Founder of One6Creative

“Mai-kee provided me a formula for podcast pitching that was so clear, easy to understand, and a total game changer."

Before I started working with Mai-kee, I’d sent a few podcast pitches and was met with either a “not right now” or no response at all. I wasn’t confident in my ability to effectively pitch to podcasts, and that lack of confidence made matters worse. I was frustrated because I knew I had a lot to offer as a podcast guest, but my message just wasn’t getting across.

She helped me get clear on my messaging, which was huge in growing my confidence at pitching. I know have a solid foundation for pitching myself to podcasts, and all of the confidence to put myself out there. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for me thanks to Mai-kee’s invaluable help!

Amy Eaton
Brand & Product Photographer

"You can’t go wrong with Mai-kee!"

She is one of the most tenacious marketers I know (and I know A LOT of marketers!).
Not only is she classy and professional, she’s also a deep thinker who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable (and help her clients feel comfortable sharing their multifaceted selves online).

Most importantly, Mai-kee delivers real results for her clients, like more visibility, more leads, more customers, and she uses the power of podcasting to empower business owners like yourself to launch in a bigger, more genuine way.

Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

“In many ways, Mai-kee is the yin and yang of pitching AND landing podcasts."

She has an incredibly gentle spirit that allows you to feel supported and encouraged along the way, but she also has a fierce, dogged determination that fights for your success every step of the way.

Even better, Mai-kee is a true expert in her space, and she leads with an authenticity that is rare in today’s market.

Message Coach & Copywriter

The Quiet Rebels® Podcast

The Quiet Rebels™ Podcast exists to help you create the courage to own your voice, message, and worth in both business AND life. Are you ready to stop playing small? Because if you are, let me welcome you to The Quiet Rebellion.






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