If you're a socially conscious visionary whose deeply committed to shifting the status quo to create a more inclusive and equitable world - I'd love to help! 

Here are my sought-after signature topics I've spoken about (but not limited to) before:


Sustainable Visibility®: How You Can Feel Safer to Be Seen

Learn how you can work with the intersections of your identity and capacity, so you can show up consistently for your mission without burning out in the process.


Taking the Guesswork Out of Podcast Guesting

Learn the 3 stages of the Pitch with Purpose™ Framework to help you get booked on aligned podcasts to expand your reach, and grow your business via genuine relationships


Converse with Consent™

Learn how you can integrate more inclusive & equitable practices into the spaces you hold for your clients, community & coworkers so they can always share from a place of consent & agency. 

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"I pride myself on only bringing the best to my clients and which is EXACTLY what Mai-kee brought with her.

"It was an absolute delight to have Mai-kee teach in my Shine Up Immersion. I wanted her unique and brilliant perspective on creating Sustainable Visibility®.

She delivered fresh, useful, actionable and POWERFUL content that folks were inspired to implement right away."

tanya geisler

Leadership Mentor & TedX Speaker

"Mai-kee was SPECTACULAR!"

"Mai-kee kindly agreed to speak to my Confident Copywriting group about podcast pitching and it was one of my favourite sessions of the year.

She absolutely delivered on the tactics my members needed to know but she weaved so much more into the presentation to help members overcome mindset challenges that pitching often brings up. The session was an interview and Mai-kee came well prepared but she also created some slides to really hit all the learning points of listening, reading and engaging. It was a fantastic session!"

belinda weaver

Copywriting Mentor

"Mai-kee delivered a stellar private workshop on pitching podcasts with purpose for the students in my group coaching and copywriting program!

She brought fresh ideas, perspective and thoughtfulness that they really appreciated and her approach was 100% aligned with the values this group shares. They can't wait to start pitching podcasts and are armed with *such* valuable information that they would have never found anywhere else.

She truly knows how to keep groups engaged and elegantly walks the line between holding space and creating room for conscious conversations about showing up more powerfully in the world. Thank you for generously sharing your insights and expertise with us, Mai-kee!"

zafira rajan

Sensory Storyteller & Copywriter

"Mai-kee did an outstanding job as a guest speaker in my program - definitely one of my fave sessions we've done in the community!

Visibility is a topic that is complex and can be greatly oversimplified.

Mai-kee was able to reframe visibility from being something that's hard for many of my community members to do into something that they have agency over. They can do it their way, in a way that's sustainable and ultimately safe for them. I definitely know some lightbulbs went on as they realised they don't need to share every little bit of their lives. 

Since our session a couple of months ago, community members have referred back to things Mai-kee shared and they have more confidence about doing visibility in a way that works for them." 

maggie patterson

Editorial Director and Founder of Scoop Studios

"When I was thinking of inviting an expert into my private group to lead a training on podcast pitching, I knew it had to be Mai-kee Tsang!

As well as being a skilled podcast guest and host, she's also an exceptional teacher who shares deep insights, actionable steps, and illustrative examples.

Her generosity and presentation style left my students feeling inspired and excited about getting on podcasts. If you're looking for a pod pro to lead your next training, Mai-kee is a no-brainer.


Fractional CMO & Cold Pitch Expert

Mai-kee Tsang (She/Her) is The Sustainable Visibility® Mentor, ICF Certified Trauma-Conscious Leadership Coach, Podcast Guesting Strategist & Public Speaker.

She helps socially conscious visionaries become sustainably visible so they can continue to make a deeper difference to those they serve - all without compromising their own capacity, safety and values in the process.

​To date, she’s spoken on dozens of stages (both in-person & digital) and has been featured on over ​80​+ podcasts ​​(including The BS-Free Service Business Podcast, Art of Online Business, Systems Saved Me, The Copywriter Club, and more) by pitching herself onto aligned podcasts with her signature Pitch with Purpose™ Framework​. After teaching her method to over 100+ entrepreneurs, she's now on a mission to infuse her Converse with Consent™​ philosophy into the industry to help ​normalise and centralise trauma-conscious practices for more marginalised folks. 


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"Mai-kee set a new standard for guest speakers in my community. Not just from a content perspective, but from a presence perspective. And I already have high standards as it is! 

There were so many reasons I invited Mai-kee to speak to my community, but the main reasons were I knew I could trust her expertise, knew she'd show up compassionately and hold exceptionally safe space, knew she'd provide an intersectional approach, and would share tactical next steps that allowed my community to feel empowered to apply the wisdom she so graciously & expertly delivered.  

If you're looking for an exceptional guest speaker who can teach on sustainable visibility and leadership, I highly recommend inviting Mai-kee to your virtual or in-person stage.  

Mai-kee, I'm so grateful to have your presence, wisdom, and friendship in my world! You're a true role model of compassionate, conscious leadership and love the way you share so openly that allows others to feel so seen!"

Megan Hale

Business Strategist & Money Coach

"If you’re looking for a guest speaker to inform and inspire your people, and to implement from a place of ease and alignment — Mai-kee is your person.

“Visibility is something we all know we should be doing more of in our businesses — but for some of us, it’s just not that easy. 

Enter Mai-kee, the one who coined the term Sustainable Visibility® and is pioneering a new approach to showing up that integrates our identities, lived experiences, and our human-ness. 

When she came in as a guest speaker, I LOVED her framework where she shared how we can diversify our visibility to honour the different amounts of capacity required to follow through with it. It’s beautiful to acknowledge that since it aligns with our principle that there are always multiple ways to every end result.

And to round it off, we also engaged in quite the thought-provoking discussion which shifted our perspectives on visibility altogether." 

Sascha Schlossberg

Creator of the 7 Figure Content Blueprint

“When I asked Mai-kee to come into my community about how to take a trauma-sensitive approach to Visibility, I knew she’d be able to both start and hold a brave space for these important conversations to happen.

The workshop was a unique blend of thought-provoking strategies to take away and implement, as well as being in an un-rushed space to process our human-ness that we bring to our businesses. 

As someone who cultivates a community that cares about DEI, BIPOC lived experiences and other human rights issues — being able to bring in a guest expert who embodies this into their approach in business is really important for me. 
So if you’re looking for a guest expert who brings all of this to the table, Mai-kee is your person.“

lisa mullis

Paraphrase Communications Copywriter & Designer