Let's shine a light on the area(s) you would like more support with, and work together to resolve those Podcast Guesting roadblocks in just 60 minutes!

The Podcast Guesting Power Hour:

Here Are Some Ideas For What We Can Accomplish Together in 60 Minutes:

Clarifying Your Signature Topics of Influence (Core & Sub Topics)

Polishing Your Pitch(es) Before Hitting Send (& Maybe Creating a Custom Pitch Template Too?)

Mock Interview for Speaker Practice (Where I Interview You on Your Topic of Choice)

Resolving Mindset Blocks (Is the Imposter Complex Monster Back?)

Integrating Podcast Guesting into Your Business in a Sustainable Way 

The world is your oyster here my lovely!

And yes, you can also pick multiple areas to focus on if it's more than one area you would like support with.

Just let me know in your prep form!

Here Are a Couple of Folks I've Privately Worked & Strategised With For Their Own Podcast Guesting Journey:

"Mai-kee truly holds space for you in a thoughtful, unrushed way and delivers authentic messaging magic within minutes. 

After our 1:1 time together, I now have clear and compelling topic suites that I can confidently pitch, templates I'll keep returning to and she even whipped up a custom pitch for a podcast I have my eye on.

So I know that my business and future podcast pitches will be eternally grateful for Mai-kee's expertise!"

zafira rajan
Sensory Storyteller & Copywriter

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“Mai-kee provided me a formula for podcast pitching that was so clear, easy to understand, and a total game changer.

Before I started working with Mai-kee, I’d sent a few podcast pitches and was met with either a “not right now” or no response at all. I wasn’t confident in my ability to effectively pitch to podcasts, and that lack of confidence made matters worse. I was frustrated because I knew I had a lot to offer as a podcast guest, but my message just wasn’t getting across.

She helped me get clear on my messaging, which was huge in growing my confidence at pitching. I know have a solid foundation for pitching myself to podcasts, and all of the confidence to put myself out there. I can’t wait to see what's in store for me thanks to Mai-kee’s invaluable help!"

Amy Eaton
Brand & Product Photographer

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"Mai-kee was able to hold the space for me to feel safe enough to open up and "go deep" on my stories without any judgement.

After she extracted all the gems out of me, I realized that I do have great things to share - and I also found my bigger mission and why.
After working together, I felt confident and clear about what overall message I can share with people, beyond just podcasts. 
No more sitting around and waiting for clarity to hit me. I had peace of mind and confidence that Mai-kee would get it right for me. She'd shown great empathy and took great care of me at every touch point during the whole journey."

vivian chan
Leadership Expert

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"Thanks to Mai-kee, I managed to be featured on one of my all-time favourite podcasts which I’ve been listening to for YEARS!

Honestly, I always thought that you had to be super big or famous to be a guest on podcasts. But Mai-kee helped me realise that all you need is the desire to share your valuable expertise with the listeners. And after working with her, all the insecurities I had in my head were gone!"

Yevgeniya (GIGI) Davarashvili
Brand Strategist, Educator for Designers & Founder of One6Creative

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“When it comes to pitching and landing on podcasts, Mai-kee is THE expert.”

She has created and refined more pitch ideas, and booked more podcasts than anyone I know. She knows what works and delivers the goods.

If you need good PR and opportunities to talk about your ideas or services, book her now!

Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

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"We got SO much accomplished in our time together, and I learned how to not only make a successful pitch, but I also came away with a fully written pitch that was ready to go!

Before working with Mai-kee, I truly had no idea where to start in the process with podcast pitching, but she has a very clear process to help prepare me.

I’m SO grateful to have these new tools in my business toolbox, and feel so much more confident in my pitching skills moving forward!"

Caryn rich
Infertility Coach

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Step 1: Book & Pay For Your Podcast Guesting Power Hour

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Step 2: Fill in Your Preparation Form

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Step 3: We're Off to the Races!

Let's do this!

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