Yay! I'm so pleased you're interested in joining the Sustainable Visibility® Incubator!

To help us make this a joyful and meaningful experience, my team and I have laid out the important next steps to ensure our conversation runs nice and smoothly~

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Step 1: Choose Your Chat Time & Date

Wooooo, let's make it official on the calendar! Click on the scheduler below to find your chosen time + date! 

Apply here!

Step 2: Grab Your Cuppa of Choice

And now, it's time for you to let me know where you're at in your business journey my lovely.

Please note this form *MUST* be filled out at least 24 hours before your time slot. If we don't receive this in time, then we will cancel your call to be rebooked for a later date.

Step 3: Fill In Your Application Form

While the application form isn't wildly extensive, I do invite you to help yourself to getting into a state of calm and ease before you apply. So whether you're a tea, coffee, or a total-non-caffeine kinda person, have your Cuppa of Choice at your side.

If you'd like to submit a video application, click on the application button to see the questions and send a Loom or Zoom video to my team at: Team@MaikeeTsang.com with the subject line "SVI Video"

Watch this first!

Wondering How to Prepare for Our Chat?

Between now and the time of our convo, I know that can be a bit nerve wracking sometimes before we jump on Zoom with anyone. So here are a couple of tips to help you feel more at ease:

Don't think of this as a "sales call". Think of it as a conversation (because, it is!), and imagine that we're having a catch up over a cup of coffee (or in my case, a Matcha Latte). The more at ease we both are, the better the conversation will be for all of us to meet each other where we're at. This means you will NOT be asked to make a decision right from the get-go unless you're the one who is sure about what you want to do next.

Keep any questions you have on hand. Juuuuust in case one gets a brain-fart mid-call, I invite you to bring any questions to the call that came up for you during the application process or whatever has sparked your curiosity!

Share beyond the surface only to the degree that YOU feel comfortable with. I tend to ask questions within a question to have a deeper conversation... and this is to help you get to the root of what you really want to say, not what you think you should say. However, you show me where the line in the sand is drawn, okay? Let's keep this as consensual as possible.

Aaaand that's everything!

I'm beyond excited to connect with you my lovely!

I can't wait until we connect! So between now and then, take care of yourself and see you soon!