This is a 3-5 day digital event experience to help socially conscious & integrity-led online coaches & service providers to show up consistently (not constantly!) in their businesses for their clients, community and collaborators - all without compromising their values, boundaries or capacity along the way.

This is happening between Monday 5th - Friday 9th February 2024!

I'm looking for a total of 10-12 speakers to expand the perspective on what "Sustainable Visibility®" looks, feels, and is like so we can come together help folks create an approach to visibility that works for their business + humanity.

Sustainable Visibility® Not-Quite-a-Summit-Thingamabob!

Yay, I'm so honoured that you're interested in being a speaker for the first ever:

Before we get to the application, it's ESSENTIAL that our values are mutually aligned - so please only apply if you:

Are committed to anti-racist & anti-oppressive change to create a more inclusive and equitable world - especially for those who have been historically marginalised.

Also believe that trans women are women, trans men are men, and anyone else between or beyond the gender binary is both valid and welcome into your space.

Agree wholeheartedly that anyone on the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum deserves to be celebrated & protected for who they love. 

Only if all of these ways of being and believing aligns with you too, please proceed:

Now we know we're aligned values-wise, let's make sure this is a win-win-win situation!

Here's what I'll ask of you:

here's what I'll do on my part:

✅ To be open to having a 15 minute planning session with me (on Voxer OR Zoom) between 2nd - 13th Oct 2023 to discuss the details of your training BEFORE it gets recorded

✅ To record + submit a 20-30 minute actionable workshop between 2nd Oct - 3rd Nov 2023 to teach your area of expertise specifically through the lens of Sustainable Visibility®

✅ Your area of expertise is something that has helped you become Sustainably Visible in your own business (i.e. practicing what you preach)

✅ You're on board with helping me pioneer this not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob with fresh and fun ideas to make it a stellar experience for everyone involved

✅ You're open to help spread the word for this not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob by sending a minimum of 2 promo emails and 1 social media post between 15th Jan - 4th Feb 2024.

🎁 Pay you a speaker fee of $150 (USD) (after the not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob has wrapped up)

🎁 Offer you an additional 50% commissions for every amazing human you bring through your link (I'll provide swipe copy & graphics for ya!)

🎁 Give you 1:1 support with your workshop idea via a 15 minute planning meeting, and Voxer access for any Q's or thoughts as we approach the not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob

🎁 Provide optional networking calls in Q4 of 2023 & Q1 of 2024 for you to connect with your fellow speakers!

🎁 Gift you with whichever ticket tier you would like if you also want to participate in the not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob experience with everyone!

I’ve made a little chart to help you decide if speaking at this not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob is for you:

This is me being super stoked that you're here!
Apply to be a SPEAKER on the Not-Quite-a-summit-Thingamabob 

The application doors will close on Monday 25th September 2023 at 6pm BST - so be sure to apply by then to be considered as a speaker!

The results of the chosen speakers will be announced on Friday 29th September 2023!

Due to my capacity (& personal commitment to embody Sustainable Visibility® myself), I won't be able to respond to individual follow ups, or to provide personalised feedback for those who aren't chosen to be in the speaker lineup.

If, after reading this, this is still something you're interested in - I'd love to invite you to:

Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of this!

If you'd still like to stay in touch for reasons outside of the not-quite-a-summit-thingamabob: