Press Features

I've had the honour of being featured as a guest expert on multiple podcasts across the industry. Here are my signature topics of discussion:


Sustainable Visibility®: How to Feel Safer to Be Seen

Visibility isn't the same as exposure. It's a conscious decision to be seen with your consent with what you do and who you are. 


Taking the Guesswork Out of Podcast Guesting

Learn the 3 stages of the Pitch with Purpose™ Framework to help you get book on the right podcasts, and make a sustainable impact. 


Converse with Consent™

How we can integrate more trauma-sensitive practices into our process to hold safer spaces for our clients to share from a place of consent & agency. 



Wanna Listen On-the-Go?

I've put together this spotify playlist of podcast interviews juuuuust for you: 

Please note, not all podcasts I've had the honour of guesting on are on this list due to either lack of availability on Spotify, or the interview topic is no longer reflective of my current work in the world 🙏

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Fun Features Outside of Podcast Guesting

Meet Mai-kee Tsang

In this interview article, we speak about Challenging Industry Norms in the online business world when we talk about visibility. We discuss the aligned alternative to "Putting Yourself Out There", building your reputation, and the importance of unlearning lessons (with the good ol' backstory)!

canvas rebel magazine | kristen armstrong

[Tuesday Tutorial Workshop] How to Pitch Podcasts 

Podcast guesting can help you build authority as an industry expert AND reach a new audience who’s interested in what you have to say. But if you want to be a guest on top-rated podcasts, you’ve gotta step out of your comfort zone and deliver a good ol’ fashioned COLD PITCH.


[Blog Feature] What I Learned Pitching 101 Podcasts

in 30 days and getting booked on 33 shows - even though I had no clue where to start. And how you can do it too using the exact same “template” that worked for me (which I developed after learning what DIDN’T work!)

The Copywriter Club | Kira Hug & Rob Marsh

Mai-kee Tsang (She/Her) is The Sustainable Visibility® Mentor, ICF Certified Trauma-Conscious Leadership Coach, Podcast Guesting Strategist & Public Speaker.

She helps socially conscious visionaries become sustainably visible so they can continue to make a deeper difference to those they serve - all without compromising their own capacity, safety and values in the process.

​To date, she’s spoken on dozens of stages (both in-person & digital) and has been featured on over ​80​+ podcasts ​​(including The BS-Free Service Business Podcast, Art of Online Business, Systems Saved Me, The Copywriter Club, and more) by pitching herself onto aligned podcasts with her signature Pitch with Purpose™ Framework​. After teaching her method to over 100+ entrepreneurs, she's now on a mission to infuse her Converse with Consent™​ philosophy into the industry to help ​normalise and centralise trauma-conscious practices for more marginalised folks. 


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