Converse with Consent™ 3.0 Workshop

FOR COACHES, PODCASTERS, AND SPACE HOLDERS WHO ARE COMMITTED TO TAKING A MORE                                                   TO HOLDING SPACE FOR THEIR FOLKS, SO THEY CAN SHARE THEIR INSIGHTS & STORIES FROM A PLACE OF                                                                        

Consent and Agency

With Mai-kee Tsang...

... as featured on...

Trauma  Sensitive

Hey my lovely! If you're reading this, that means the doors to enrol in the June 2022 version of the workshop have now closed. If you're interested in being notified for the 3.0 future version of this work, you can:       


"Mai-kee offered me a wider and richer lens through which to perceive my role as a coach and program creator.

So many of us (myself included) are aware of our blind spots, yet have a deep fear of discovering where we may have been unconsciously err'ing along the way.

While there may be some "self-cringe" in the discovery, the container Mai-kee holds for this work is safe, non-judgmental, and confidence-building. For any podcasters, coaches and program leaders/facilitators (and really anyone who holds space for guests and/or clients), I simply can't give a higher recommendation for Mai-kee as a compassionate (yet highly practical) guide through the nuances of creating safer (and therefore more productive / effective) containers for yourself and those you work with.

Ry Schwartz

Creator of the Coaching The Conversion™ Method, 10x Launches & 10x Sales Pages Trainer at Copyhackers

Jackie sunga

Mai-kee's workshop was so thoughtfully and lovingly constructed. I so appreciate her deep attention to detail and the high level of care with which she teaches and creates materials. 

Her training was immediately actionable even beyond the topic of podcast guesting and is highly valuable to any marketer who values embodying trauma-sensitive business practices.

Sales Copywriter & Coach