Converse with Consent™ LIVE Workshop

For Podcasters and interviewers who are committed to taking a more                                                      to hosting their guests, so they can share their insights & stories from a place of                                    

Consent and Agency

With Mai-kee Tsang...

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Trauma  Sensitive approach

Hey my lovely! If you're reading this, that means the doors to enrol in the Wednesday 19th January 2022 live workshop have now closed. If you're interested in being notified for a potential future version of this work, please:                          

"You will be in the best hands imaginable if you move forward and work with Mai-kee."

We know that visibility is an inevitable part of doing online business, and we need to do so that’s effective and natural for those of us who’d prefer to stay out of the spotlight. 

Mai-kee has really mastered this from a strategic POV. She’s a genius marketer and a coach who won’t just throw you into the fire and do stuff with blunt force aggression — but will actually coach you into the process so it’s exciting and rewarding. 

In my view, there’s no better coach out there to guide you in being seen, becoming more visible, being honoured and appreciated for what you bring to the market as an expert and leader.

Ry Schwartz

Creator of the Coaching The Conversion™ Method, 10x Launches & 10x Sales Pages Trainer at Copyhackers

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She is one of the most tenacious marketers I know (and I know A LOT of marketers!).

Not only is she classy and professional, she’s also a deep thinker who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable (and help her clients feel comfortable sharing their multifaceted selves online).

Most importantly, Mai-kee delivers real results for her clients, like more visibility, more leads, more customers, and she uses the power of podcasting to empower business owners like yourself to launch in a bigger, more genuine way.

"You can't go wrong with Mai-kee!"

Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club