Confidently Navigate Through the Messy Middle in Your Business, So You Can Show Up Consistently For Your Mission...

The *only* high-touch visibility mentorship of its kind for introverted, highly sensitive & empathetic rising leaders who are ready to become sustainably visible  in order to expand your reach, grow your business, and make a deeper impact on your terms.

sustainably visible



… And do it all by honouring yourself through an intersectional lens inside a trauma-sensitive, compassionate and safer space for 6 months.

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With Mai-kee Tsang...

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"With Mai-kee, I know that I’ll be seen for ME."

There are plenty of people who can teach courses, but there are only a select few that can make you feel truly supported from start to finish. Mai-kee is one of those people.

She always creates a safe space that has me feeling like I’m the only one in the room, even with other students in the program! I know that when I enter her spaces, I’ll be seen for me. 

On the days I need my hand held, she’s got it. On the days I’m feeling more independent, she encourages it. 

If you ever have the chance to be mentored by her, run, don’t walk.


Brand Strategist + Designer, Founder of Bold Whisper Studio

The Sustainable Visibility® Incubator

is perfect for you if:

You’re currently bringing in consistent revenue in your business to both support your current lifestyle AND to provide you with room to play

You know your ideal audience and have validated your offers

You’re willing to put aside 2-3 hours per week working ON your business, vs. inside it (without feeling like you’re sacrificing growth)


Have tried multiple visibility methods in the past, but they haven’t worked *or* you find it challenging to keep putting in the effort for little reward

Are open to experimenting with new ways of building authority in a trauma-sensitive and brave space

Want mentorship to help you find the most aligned places to show up in

Lead from your purpose and you’re in this for the long haul

Understand that this process begins by doing the inner work first

Oh, and what you *really* want is to… 

Allow your ideal audience to find you easily, repeatedly, over a long period of time

Claim your authority and your voice without feeling like a “one hit wonder”

Start getting featured almost effortlessly without burning out

Stay top of mind for your dream prospects, clients, students and community members

Feel like every visibility opportunity is aligned with your *unique* personality

Understand what’s holding you back right now, and how to rewire your mindset to set you up to receive and ascend your vision

Align your messaging with your business and lifestyle, so that you’re operating from consistent motivation and energy (not depletion)

Surround yourself with like-minded, rising leaders who are willing to get vulnerable about *everything*

"Join the visibility revolution."

Mai-kee might seem small and quiet spoken — but when she says something about visibility, I sit up and listen (ears perked, hands folded in my lap). 

Make no mistake: this woman is revolutionizing what visibility means, and pure medicine for anyone who wants to double down on quality conversations to promote their work (and unique message). 

If you want to be seen for who you truly are and what you offer, and never force yourself to show up in a way that feels off and out of integrity, she's your woman.

Merel Kriegsman

Women's Wealth Advocate, Business Mentor 

Here’s how you’ll go from here...

Where you're at now...

... to THERE!

A space where you don’t need *anyone* but your inner compass telling you how to lead the way forward

By application only — I’ll be mentoring an intentionally intimate (up to 8 amazing humans per pod) group through:

→ 2 Hot Seat Group Calls Per Month

This is your opportunity to have strategic and customised coaching for your specific business!

→ 2 SVI Exclusive Trainings Per Month

You’ll tap into my personal processes and exclusive trainings alongside my uber-talented network of humans to supplement all your learning, like Tanya Geisler, Jordan Gill, Prerna + Mayank Malik and more!

 → 3 Training Phases Of Expansion

Phase 1: Unbecoming

Before you’re ready to show up, we’ll be doing the inner work to help you resolve any hidden conflicts, work through your blocks, and peel back the layers of conditioning and habits which no longer serve you - to help you step into your most authentic self.

We’ll cover Visibility Vision, Your Unique Capacity Awareness, Boundary Building, Imposter Complex, and more! 

Phase 2: Navigating Leadership

Once you step into your most authentic self, it's time for us to take the time and space to focus on the unseen work that happens underneath the surface when you emerge as a leader.

We’ll cover Handling Being Cancelled, Holding Space for Your Clients in both 1-1 and Groups, Which Identities to Publicise and Privatise, and  so much more!

Phase 3: Active Amplification

Now you’re internally and externally ready to FULLY receive in your business, it’s time to discover and experiment with your chosen Visibility Styles.

We’ll cover Podcast Guesting, Starting Your Own Podcast, Public Speaking, Publications and more! 

"SVI is such a warm & supportive home for learning how to expand your visibility in a way that doesn’t require you to be something that you’re not.

Before joining SVI, I was putting myself out there, but not always comfortable doing so because I was trying to follow the “shoulds” based on what I saw others doing, which was exhausting! I wasn’t allowing myself to tune into what I needed and to explore what it meant to be visible when I’m aligned to who I truly am.

It’s a gift to be able to work with Mai-kee and she leads the team with compassion, honesty, and trust. She genuinely cares about each person in the program and that helps it feel like family. It’s easily the best mentorship program I’ve been a part of & that’s 100% due to Mai-kee’s attention, care, and heart.

Vicky cook

Certified Professional Coach and Hardcore, Proud introvert!

Mai-kee has started a visibility revolution, and I decided to join Mai-kee inside the Sustainable Visibility® Incubator because I don’t want to coast in my business.

I’ve built consistent revenue and a roster of clients I love all through cold pitching and conversion conversations… while totally hiding and avoiding getting visible. 

Can I stay where I am and keep doing what I’m doing? Absolutely. But for me, that would be settling, stopping short of my potential, and boxing up my vision in order to stay comfortable. 

 I know her quiet wisdom and strategic mind can help me forge my own path of sustainable visibility that feels aligned with my vision and driven by my potential.


Ethical Cold Pitch Evangelist & Sustainable Sales Mentor

Questions you’re bound to ask…

1. What time will all the calls be held?

Glad you asked! We host 2 Pods to cover a wider range of timezones across the world (so hopefully no more waking up at the crack of dawn or staying up til the middle of the night for calls!)

Call times will be in consideration of who joins the 3.0 cohort, so right now it's completely open.

2. Why do I need to jump on a call during the application process?

Our call is *your* space to be held, and for you to truly see if this mentorship is the right fit for where you’re at in your life and business. 

And if you still need more time to think it over? No worries! You can also totally book a “Circle Back” call if you want to dot your i’s and cross your t’s before making your choice. 

P.S. Know that I have your best intentions at heart, and will absolutely tell you if this incubator is a fit for you or not.

3. How is The Sustainable Visibility® Incubator (SVI) different from your Ultimate Podcast Guesting (UPG) Workshop Series?

My UPG workshop series is solely focused on teaching you the process of pitching to podcasts to grow your business.

Whereas SVI is a 6 month mentorship program where you’ll be held in a trauma-sensitive and brave space to do the deep inner work, creating aligned business processes and packages, and exploring multiple visibility styles to suit your personality type. 

At the moment, aside from my Private Intensives, SVI will be the only way to work with me.

4. How much time do I need to commit to this?

I recommend setting aside at least 2-3 hours per week to bring your full attention to your experience inside the program.

Think of this as your personal business growth-time outside of all of your “to-do’s”.

5. Can I get some extra 1:1 Mai-kee time?

You sure can! For 3.0 we will have 5 spaces available inside the "Custom Tier" of the program which includes 1-1 Voxer access to Mai-kee throughout the program, as well as 2 x Private Coaching Calls.

6. What if I can’t always show up live for our calls?

No worries, I know that life happens my lovely. So if you’re unable to attend a session live, rest assured that all training and hotseats will be recorded along with transcripts, and will viewable in your members area within 48 hours.

Ultimately, I want these 6 months together to help you:

Run a business that feels EASEFUL, so things are on your terms.

Take the mic and say, “I freaking deserve this opportunity.”

Feel motivated to *consistently* build your audience, knowing exactly what works for you.

Invest your energy into channels that will give you the greatest impact and the least amount of burnout.

Believe, trust and show the world that you ARE an expert in your space.

Understand how taking care of yourself first will position you for exponential growth and impact.

Build your mindset toolkit to prepare you for inevitable ascension and expansion.

You have to trust YOURSELF.

To do this work, you don’t have to just trust me… 

And a final note --

You have to trust that… 

Your business deserves 6 months of dedicated energy to put down the roots for your vision to flourish.

You have a lot to say and you just need to find your sweet spot to share it.

You are worth learning from and the world is waiting to hear you take the stage.

You can carve out your own path by honoring what feels good, easeful and aligned with your natural state of being. 


You are capable of reaching more people, changing lives and activating a powerful purpose.

I believe you’re on the cusp of having all of that ^^ in the palm of your hands. 

And The Sustainable Visibility® Incubator is the *best* way to receive space, support and my expertise in the visibility world on your business.

So if you’re ready to do this my lovely, I invite you to place your details on the waitlist for when the 3.0 cohort opens in 2022:

"You can’t go wrong with Mai-kee!"

She is one of the most tenacious marketers I know (and I know A LOT of marketers!).

Not only is she classy and professional, she’s also a deep thinker who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable (and help her clients feel comfortable sharing their multifaceted selves online).

Most importantly, Mai-kee delivers real results for her clients, like more visibility, more leads, more customers, and she uses the power of podcasting to empower business owners like yourself to launch in a bigger, more genuine way.


Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club